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Stories From The Field. Volunteer Vicky Drake celebrates the completion of the boys and girls CV&#39

Volunteer Vicky Drake remained at Odanadi following the successful completion of the Manavi Employment Preparation Programme to work with the young people on their CV's and to practise important interview skills. Vicky worked one-on-one with the boys and girls to help them each create their CV and feel prepared to apply and interview for potential employment and training. In the photos you can see the students thanking Vicky for her hard work as well as a graduation photo where they each hold their certificate of course completion! We are incredibly proud of all the young people who have made the most of this opportunity and look forward to seeing their success! Thank you again to Vicky Drake for volunteering her time, her skills and hard work have been invaluable to Adventure Ashram and the boys and girls at Odanadi. If you would like to learn more about volunteering with Adventure Ashram please visit this link:

Graduating class

Vicky thanks the students

The students thank Vicky

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