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It's a first...It's a new and exciting chapter for us! Join us as we CYCLE through South Ind

BOOK YOUR ADVENTURE NOW... Cycling in India is a pure joy! As you ride through this beautiful country, led by the experts at Unventured, you will completely experience the vibrant and colourful culture as you soak up the intense sights and sounds that only India has to offer. Along route you will visit ancient temples, marvel at majestic palaces, watch stunning wildlife as well as challenging yourself as you cycle with like-minded individuals. It's also a great opportunity to grab some sunshine and banish any winter blues! It wouldn't be an Adventure Ashram partnership if we didn't include visits to our programmes and meetings with our inspirational partners. You will spend time at Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore and Grace Charitable Trust deep in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve to see first-hand the impact that our work has on the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities in India. Like us, Unventured has a strong desire to give back to this land and it's communities and will donate a minimum of £300 per rider to Adventure Ashram.

See the full itinerary and details of the intensity of the cycling experience HERE. We say an enormous thank you to Unventured and we welcome them warmly to the Adventure Ashram family. If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Ring, Adventure Ashram Project Manager:

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