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Behind the Walls- Watch this short film from our project partner the Odanadi Seva Trust

"We are not politicians, we are not academics, we are social workers, we think like that!"

Stanley & Parashuram, founders of Odanadi Seva Trust

We are incredibly proud of our project partner, the Odanadi Seva Trust based in Southern India. The Founders of the Odanadi Seva Trust, Stanly and Parashuram have spent years saving thousands of women and children affected by human trafficking in Mysore, South India.

Check out this special short film 'Behind the Walls' produced by Riskja Travel showing the life-changing work of the Odanadi Seva Trust. The film shows the harrowing stories of many of the young women and girls who have survived human trafficking.

You can make a donation here to help support Odanadi and many more girls and women like Renuka and Priya.

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