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Help fund health kits for children in rural India this Christmas!

This year we are delighted to be launching our Christmas campaign to help raise funds towards one of our partners in India, Doctor Arun Kolhatkar providing healthcare to children in Southern India. We will be delivering basic home health kits to 300 disadvantaged families in the Palani Hills area of South India. The kits will include digital thermometers and skin cream to help treat minor skin irritations that occur regularly in children living in this high-altitude area. The project will include training the families on the use of thermometers and skin cream. This will help the families better monitor their children’s health and assess when they might need medical attention.

The project will also help these families learn more about basic health and disease as well as the importance of body temperature monitoring and dermatological health. You'll be providing the ultimate Christmas gift of health and happiness to children and families in rural Southern India.

Donate now and your donation will be doubled by our wonderful supporters at Arbiter Drucken. A donation as small as £5 can make a world of difference in helping ensure that children in rural India have access to adequate healthcare!

Please note that the matched donation from Arbiter Drucken is capped at £500.


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