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Adventure Ashram would like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS and thank you to the #DirtyDozen team and Nomadic Knights who rode a tremendous 2400km through the Southern states of India from 18th January - 1st February 2020. The team generously raised funds towards mechanics training for young boys who have been affected by human trafficking at the Odanadi Seva Trust.

The #DirtyDozen visited the Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore and got the opportunity to see the mechanics workshop in action! The team also honoured friend and long term supporter Neil Cooper who tragically passed away in December and was one of the founding members of the #DirtyDozen.

Mission accomplished... THE DIRTY DOZEN has raised their target of £20,000 which will help an average of 30 boys attend training at the ODANADI MECHANICS WORKSHOP every year for 5 years.

Click HERE to make a donation and help the #DirtyDozen. This will ensure that the workshop is supported for years to come!

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