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Coming out of Lockdowns – The Future of Staffing at Adventure Ashram

Adventure Ashram has begun the recruitment process to find our next CEO to lead us through the next chapter of our charity’s development. We give huge thanks to current CEO Jemina Talja who led the organisation to achieve the strategic goals set by the board of trustees whilst also managing the organisation through a pandemic.

From November Jemina has reduced her hours to concentrate on her consultancy work but will remain to give a full handover to the new CEO. Jemina has continued the development of the charity since she joined us. We are very grateful that under her leadership she has recruited to the position of Communications and Campaigns Coordinator, managed and expanded the Yoga Stops Traffick project, developed the existing projects we support and brought the organisation through the pandemic to be ready to come back with force as we look to the future.

Jemina describes the job, “There really is no typical day in this role. You get to push your limits, test your ideas, be creative and make a real difference, all with the support of a fantastic team.”

As all charities will have found during the pandemic period, new fundraising and employing staff was a challenge for Adventure Ashram. We took advantage of the Government’s support package for employers and decided to part-furlough our CEO, Jemina. The Trustees and Jemina worked closely to continuously review the situation whilst much of the day-to-day operation fell to Chloe Tucker.

Chloe has volunteered for Adventure Ashram in the past and carried out such great work we appointed her initially on fixed term contracts and now to the substantive paid position of Communications and Campaigns Coordinator. I want to thank Chloe for more than just “holding the fort” but for all the work for the very successful Yoga Stops Traffick (YST) event 2021 and keeping all our ongoing activities happening and liaising with our partners.

Whilst new fundraising activities were at a minimum, we had existing funds coming in and projects to support, in different ways too as the pandemic affected them. The start of new projects such as Karma Curry and a redesigned website for YST and Adventure Ashram’s main site were planned and progressed. I’d also like to thank our volunteers and contractors for their continued support during the pandemic.

We could not have survived without the continued generosity and loyalty of our supporters so the trustees would like to thank you all very much. In the new year we look forward to announcing the appointment of our next CEO and hope that we can meet with some of our supporters in person and look forward to the next phase in the development of our small but mighty charity.


Colin Taylor

Chair of Trustees


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