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India is currently experiencing a severe second wave of coronavirus cases, with hospitals overwhelmed and many unable to access medical treatment. Since the start of the pandemic, there has also been a worrying increase in the number of domestic violence cases reported, and this situation has been amplified since the devastating second wave of Covid-19 in India.

Our Indian grassroots partner, Odanadi, is experiencing an overwhelming influx in the number of calls to their helpline, with 543 calls concerning cases of domestic violence, sexual exploitation and human trafficking received since February. Most shelters are not allowing new admissions due to the threat of spreading the virus, leaving many vulnerable women and children homeless. In order to continue to respond to the increasing number of women and children escaping violence at home, Odanadi have opened a separate Covid-19 isolation ward for new residents. As well as supporting new admissions, 13 existing Odanadi residents were diagnosed with Covid-19 over the past few weeks and required medical treatment, with Odanadi having to cover the medical bills.

The estimated cost of this emergency work, which includes the setup of the isolation ward, PCR tests, medication, clothing and supplies for the new admissions and additional counselling support, is around £3,500. OUR APPEAL: Adventure Ashram is responding to this need by sending over emergency funds, however, we need your help in order to cover the total balance. If you would like to support Odanadi’s emergency work with survivors of domestic violence please consider donating to our emergency appeal for Odanadi. Your donation will help Odanadi respond to the increasing number of women and children in need of safe housing, medical treatment and therapeutic support. Please donate here.

Thank you,

From Adventure Ashram


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