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How Your Support Changes Lives

Inba’s home is located in the middle of the jungle, 20km from Masinagudi, South India. A lack of public transport from his village to the nearest school meant that Inba, like many of the other local children, could not attend school or receive an education.

With Adventure Ashram’s support, our Indian grassroots partner, Grace Charitable Trust, introduced a school bus to safely transport the children to and from school and set up a tuition centre in the village to provide additional educational support as well as a safe space to meet friends and play.

Inba now loves going to school, learning and playing with his classmates! Adventure Ashram’s Education Sponsorship Program enables children like Inba to receive an education, providing greater life opportunities and financial stability for the children and their families.

If you would like to find out more or would like to sponsor the education of a child, please click here.


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