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How Your Support Changes Lives: Saniya's Story

Saniya relocated with her husband and 3 small children to Mysuru, South India to live with her aunt and to find work after the Covid-19 Pandemic. Saniya’s aunt was responsible for taking the two eldest children to school and caring for the youngest whilst Saniya and her husband where out at work. The aunt took advantage of the situation and instead of taking the children to school, forced them into begging. The children were threatened into silence.

When Saniya became aware of the reason for her children’s regular absences from school, she confronted her aunt. Saniya was met with hostility and began to endure domestic violence. Saniya fled the family home with her youngest child and sought shelter at our Indian grassroots partner, Odanadi. With the support of Odanadi, Saniya has now been re-united with her other two children and received counselling and support to help rebuild her young family’s lives.

We’re proud to support the crucial work of our Indian grassroots partner, Odanadi, in providing safe shelter and crucial therapeutic support for women and children fleeing situations of violence. To find out more about this work supporting survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, please click here.

*Saniya’s name has been changed and is not pictured to protect her identity.


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