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How Your Support Changes Lives: Sivi's Story

Sivi lives in a remote village called Siriyur about 20km away from the nearest school. Sivi’s father is a labourer and her family face tough economic challenges and depend upon Government rations to buy food. Sivi wanted to go to school but faced many barriers due to the remote location of her village and her family’s wish for her to help at home.

Alongside our Indian grassroots partner, Grace Charitable Trust, Adventure Ashram helped purchase and cover the running costs of school buses to provide children living in remote areas of South India with safe transport to school and built tuition centres to further support their education.

Sivi’s life is now very different. She enjoys studying in the 8th grade and uses the Grace Charitable Trust tuition centre to meet friends and do homework. Adventure Ashram’s Education Sponsorship Programme provides children like Sivi with greater life and employment opportunities and the prospect of a more financially stable future.

If you would like to support the education of a child, please click here.

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