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Impact update: emergency Covid-19 appeal for survivors of human trafficking

We are pleased to update you on the impact of our recent Covid -19 emergency appeal for Odanadi. Whilst the situation in India remains critical, the emergency funds raised have helped Odanadi provide legal support and safe shelter for the increasing number of women and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and child marriage. This has included running the women’s 24/7 emergency helpline, purchasing food, medicines, hand sanitisers, masks, and gloves. The emergency appeal funds will also enable Odanadi residents to access Covid-19 vaccinations in the near future and Odanadi are currently in conversation with the District Health Officer to organise the purchase of the jabs.

In the past month the women’s helpline has received dozens of calls and Odanadi has provided shelter for 8 victims of dowry harassment and domestic violence. Odanadi has also prevented several cases of child marriage and is currently helping process the necessary legal sanctions linked to these cases.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to our emergency appeal and has helped Odanadi respond to the increasing demands placed on their services caused by the pandemic. We are incredibly grateful for your support! All residents at Odanadi are keeping well and we will update you further as the situation in India develops.


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