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Meet Spice Kitchen, our 2022 Karma Curry Sponsor!

Spice Kitchen is known for its gorgeous collection of various artisan curry spices from across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America. Their range of spices, carefully selected for flavour and freshness, gives you everything you need to make fragrant and tasty curries and homemade meals. Spice kitchen started in 2012 from mother and son's brainstorming idea around the kitchen table which resulted in their first Masala Dabba tin product. Today, Spice Kitchen has grown into a trusted and much loved brand for world spice blends, inspiring people to create amazing meals at home!

We're absolutely thrilled to have Spice Kitchen on board as an official Karma Curry 2022 Sponsor and loved getting to know Spice Kitchen's founders, Sanjay and Shashi...

We are so excited to have Spice Kitchen on board as an official Karma Curry 2022 Sponsor! We’d love to know what motivated you to join this year’s campaign?

When we read about the Karma Curry Campaign this year, me and mum immediately knew we wanted to be involved. Through Spice Kitchen we’ve supported many charities along the way, but this initiative brings together so many of the things we feel passionate about – supporting people in India, tackling the big issues, food, and most importantly, inspiring positive action. If we all take a small step we can make a huge difference, but nothing changes if the majority of us do nothing. That’s why we’ve decided to hop on board and be a champion for positive action.

How did Spice Kitchen start?

Spice Kitchen was born on Christmas Day in 2012. My mum was looking for a project in her retirement and I suggested she make an Indian Spice Tin and sell it on eBay. We spent the afternoon making it and then created a listing. To our complete surprise it sold the next day. Spice Kitchen was only ever meant to be a silly little idea but it has grown beyond our wildest imagination.

What do you think makes you stand out among competitors?

Mum has spent her life lovingly cooking with spices – not as a fancy chef but as a wife, mother and home cook. She is such an inspiration to me, but also to our customer base who have taken her to their hearts. I think our customers feel the genuine wish from us both to share our love of spice with the world!

What’s your most-loved product and why?

Our Indian Spice Tin with Silk Sari Wrap is our original and still our flagship product. It has won the Gift of the Year Award twice, most recently in 2022 which we are still so pleased about. It contains all of the spices needed to make virtually every Indian curry and so customers love it as a gift for themselves or for someone they know who loves cooking with spice.

What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?

The thing I love the most about this business is the lovely customer feedback: when an email comes in I always share it with the whole team and we tend to reply as a team too, so a customer who sends an email might end up getting responses from different people in the business. I live for it, it makes me so happy when people say they love our products or they send us a photo of a meal they have made.

If you had to sum up Spice Kitchen in 3 words, what would they be?

Family, fun and food of course!

If you were to make a show-stopper dinner party dish in celebration of Karma Curry, what would you cook and which Spice Kitchen product would you include?

I think it would have to be Lamb Raan. I made it for the Spice Kitchen team recently and they LOVED it. It’s packed with flavour and makes use of three Spice Kitchen products, not just one. I put in our award winning Garam Masala, Tandoori and also some Harissa. With the leftovers I was able to knock up a curry sauce which also tasted amazing the next day. A total winner and my team are already asking for it again!

Finally (and importantly), what’s your go-to curry order?

To this day it would have to be Chilli Paneer from Sakonis in London! I ordered it loads growing up and got mum to recreate it for me. She did an amazing job and it’s still my favourite to date. We’ve put a recipe for it in our cookbook, which is out next year, so you don’t have to travel to Sakonis to get it, you can recreate it in your kitchen.

Finally, we would love to say a big thank you to Spice Kitchen for supporting Karma Curry 2022! You can find their mouth watering range of products here.

Click here to find out how you can join the movement against human trafficking in India and be a part of the Karma Curry campaign.


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