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Our support for Grace Charitable Trust in 2023

We help children access education from rural communities in the Mudumalai region, south India.

This year we have donated £17,600 to Grace Charitable Trust:

£12,600 towards the education of 250 children. We have helped to pay for the running costs of 3 village tuition centres including teacher salaries, 3 buses transporting children to and from school, uniforms and books - plus sports equipment for children to enjoy.

£5000 to pay for much needed repairs to the tuition centres, pictured below.

Without this help, many of these children would not be able to attend school - so it really does make a life changing difference.

Thank you

We give a big thank you to Gordon Robinson for helping us to fund the repairs to the tuition centres, and also to the Mason family for their generous donation in memory of their son Paul, which has funded new sports equipment for children across the villages. And a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the children helped by the Grace Charitable Trust through direct debits and other donations this year - we really couldn't help without your continued support.

Here is a message from Solomon, Director at Grace Charitable Trust:

Warm greetings to you all from Grace Charitable Trust.

First of all I would like to thank each of you for your timely support for helping us in repairing the education centre buildings in the villages. I am now happy to inform you all that the repair and maintenance works were completed in the buildings and they are greatly being used by our children. The buildings were in real need of repair and maintenance, and the children were struggling to use them. There were issues on electrical and wiring, solar and lights, computers, damages in the building roofs, floors and walls and plumbing.
Anaikatty is one of the villages where we have a tuition centre building. In that building there was a big hole under the floor and the building was in great danger. So we were worried about the safety of the children. Now we have repaired all the issues and the children are using the building without any worry and danger.
Now we have done all the repairs thanks to your support, and in addition to that we have coloured all the buildings and the compound walls. Now the buildings look new and beautiful. The children and the villagers are so happy about the repair and maintenance works that we have done.
So our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in this great cause and especially to Mr. Gordon Robinson and his great love towards our charity.
Moreover I invite everyone to Masinagudi to see what Grace Charitable Trust is doing with your valuable support and money. So kindly accept my invitation and encourage us by your visit and support.
Thank you, Solomon


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