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We're in this year's Christmas Big Give!

In this year's Big Give, we’re grateful to have been chosen for Champions Funding from one of the Big Give’s partners, the Reed Foundation. This is an opportunity for us to raise much-needed funding for the Odanadi Employment Programmes in 2024. Our aim is to raise funds to enable 25 young people to train in beauty, baking and mechanical skills in 2024, so that they can gain professional skills as well as be provided with equipment kits needed for them to begin their own career journey.

If we can raise £2,300 online between midday on Tuesday 28 November and midday on 5 December all these donations will be matched, which means every donation has double the impact - and we raise a total of £4,600 for Odanadi. If you are able to support the campaign this year with a donation (of any amount), we know Odanadi will be so thankful for your support. And if it isn’t possible to donate more, there will be many ways to share the campaign which makes a huge difference for us as well.

Odanadi's Employment Programmes

Research shows that almost a quarter of trafficking victims are re-trafficked, which is why providing survivors with employment opportunities is crucial in breaking the cycle of human trafficking. People can be trafficked for many different forms of exploitation such as forced prostitution, forced labour, forced begging, forced criminality, domestic servitude and forced marriage.

This Christmas we're seeking to raise £4,600 in total to provide training & employment opportunities for survivors.

Our Indian charity partner, Odanadi, aims to provide survivors with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives and face mainstream society as strong, confident, empowered individuals. In addition to providing education, giving access to training and employment opportunities is key to empowering survivors to live independent lives. Residents at Odanadi are provided with vocational training opportunities through Odanadi’s own bakery school, mechanics workshop and beautician training.

“The Workshops are a great hope for our young people. The young people who are on their way to becoming adults will now be able to join society with vital employable skills and confidence. Our sincere and hearty gratitude is always there for all good hearts at Adventure Ashram.”

- Stanley and Parashu, founders of Odanadi Seva Trust


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