Kyla Stewart: Adventure Story

KYLA'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: If you are considering volunteering, working, or studying in a new country—DO IT! It will be something that you will never forget and will carry with you for the rest of your life. For me, the adventure has been interning with Adventure Ashram for the past six weeks in London! First, a little bit of background information on me. I am a university student from the United States studying and working abroad here in the UK. Sadly, I am writing this on my last day here at Adventure Ashram before returning to the States. When I found out a few months ago that I would have the opportunity to intern with Adventure Ashram, I was so excited. I have always had an interest in

Rebecca Smith: Adventure Story

REBECCA'S TOP TIP: If you are not sure whether a trip to India is for you, DO IT! Even if you are by yourself and/or not an experienced traveller. I am so glad I did! I was lucky enough to go on an adventure of a lifetime with Adventure Ashram in the summer of 2015, where I spent 3 months in South India as a volunteer. I was based in Masinagudi and my role included teaching in the local school and general charity admin, including gathering information and interviewing children on the Child Sponsorship Scheme. I spent loads of time getting to know the children, playing games, going on trips and eating a lot of curry! I also visited Odanadi and got to know the children and young people livi

Frances Mills: Adventure Story "When Small Adventures Matter"

FRANCE'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Adventuring is being part of something bigger than yourself. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled quite widely and to have been on a few spine-tingling adventures. One of my most memorable adventures was visiting India. From the moment I stepped off the plane I was hit by India’s heat and smells and energy. It was so busy and vibrant and unbelievably chaotic. I was struck by India’s colours, its people and how full of life it was; but also by the stark poverty that was around every corner. I made a promise to myself on that trip that I would help somehow, and with little to give I decided to lend my time instead. And so a couple of years ago I found my w

Stories From The Field - The Duck Pond at the Boys' House

When we set out to turn the boys house at Odanadi from a house into a home, we asked them what they would like! Among the boys' wish list was to have a pond and some ducks. It was a huge and joyous moment when the ducks arrived and the boys got to welcome them to their newly built pond! See them playing in the pond in the video below. A very grateful thank you to everyone who supported the Odanadi Seva Trust crowdfunding campaign and helped to make these boys' wishes come true! To learn more about how to help these amazing boys (and their ducks!) rescued from human trafficking click here:

Kim Spencer: Adventure Story

KIM'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Buying second hand boots isn't a good idea! My very short adventure: Until a year ago I had never ridden on a motorcycle. Once Graham had bought his Honda in preparation for Back to the Future I decided I should at least give it a try. We bought a decent helmet and loads of gear off eBay, which I struggled into, and headed off to Abergavenny. It must have been hard for Graham having someone hanging on for grim death, but we made it in 45 minutes, stopped for a cuppa and then came back again. That was it. Not been on the bike since…….. Maybe one day……. In the meantime I will support from the sidelines. Kim Spencer, Adventure Ashram Supporter

Graham Spencer: Adventure Story "50 Years (and still going) Adventure"

GRAHAM'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Plan your route and essential stopping points before leaving home. My father used to ride a motorcycle, and for many years the bike and sidecar, an Arial 600 side valve (PHOTO 1- the same sort of bike taken in 1985 with our small son 'riding' it), was our only form of family transport. Family holidays meant loading up my brother and I, all our luggage and our two tortoises in the sidecar while mum and dad rode the bike from Potters Bar to Cornwall. I passed my motorcycle test on a Honda 90 sport at the tender age of 16 - it was a lot easier in those days. My bike got me to work for a year from my home in Potters Bar to Hawker Siddeley in Hatfield where I was an a

Steve King: Adventure Story

STEVE'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Do it. Open your mind and your heart and you will be rewarded many fold My story is short, but to the point. Whilst many people will focus upon how adventure biking has helped them change the lives of others, I would like to take a more selfish approach. In 2010, a friend of mine sent me a link from the travel section of the Sunday Times. They knew I rode motorbikes and they knew I had always wanted to go to the Himalayas. 6 hours later I had paid my deposit and was wondering what I had done. I had never ridden off road. I had just come back to biking after a 20 year hiatus and knew no-one else that was going. I need not have worried. Despite the loud and abrasiv

Ken Williams: Adventure Story

KEN'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Enjoy the ride but concentrate! An extract from my Bullets to Beaches trip with Nomadic Knights a couple of years ago. The tour started in Chennai and finally finished in Goa. "Last night we sent Abi, the chief Indian mechanic and all-round great guy, to get some fireworks to celebrate Diwali. I think he went with about £50, which as we all know, buys about half a rocket in the UK. He came back with what can only be described as an arsenal of various minor ...or not so minor explosives. I don't know if there is any sort of control on this stuff, but it was a pretty impressive display that would cost probably over £1000 at home. Probably verging on the military grade

Dr. Arun Kolhatkar, aka "Doc": Adventure Story

DOC'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Sing joyfully, lustily and tunelessly around the bonfire! My adventures on Enduro rides could be beyond number! What to include, what to leave out? My first adventure must be having Simon Smith come in to see me as a patient with a wrist injury on a pre-Enduro motorbike ride, which made him contact me when Enduro was conceived, and ask me to join him in his new venture...and adventure! And from that moment forwards I have experienced so many co-adventurers do so many different things: fall off their bikes and fracture bones; ride into each other and dent their bikes; faint from dehydration and need to be transported in an ambulance; develop strange and inexplicable b

Michael Hobbs: Adventure Story "India Stole My Heart on a Motorbike"

MICHAEL'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Learning to ride may change your life and a whole new world will reveal itself to you! It all started in 2011, with a mad trip round southern India on a Royal Enfield Bullet. I had my midlife crisis in 2010 and encouraged by my wife, took my motorbike test, bought a triumph and booked a 2000km trip around India. It changed my life. A whole new world revealed itself, centred on that wonderful word “Adventure”. I felt more alive than I had in years, made authentic friends and laughed, laughed and drank a lot! There is a common bond between these adventurers and I was proud to be one of them. Riding through the back roads of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu I witnessed thin

Jim Ellery: Adventure Story "The Kindness of Strangers"

We were, yet again, stranded with a dodgy Enfield , somewhere in India, near the Pakistan border. With no great surprise, and with Dean’s charming command of Hindi, we immediately found an excellent garage. The bike was calmly mended over many cups of chai and chat; and I gave a 500 INR note tip to the mechanic. We paid the bill at the office, happy to be on our way. As we rode out of the garage compound, the mechanic, who was waiting for us on the next street corner, flagged me down. He held out the 500 INR note, and returned it to us saying, slightly sternly: “Thank you for your kindness, but please give this to a stranger who needs this money – I have a good job, there are millions here i

Mark Edwards: Adventure Story "Every Journey Should Be An Adventure"

MARK'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Adventure somewhere new every year. Every journey should be an adventure. Hell, even just popping down to the store for a pint of milk has the potential to change the way you look at the world. For me, it wasn't anything quite so mundane. For me, it all stems from taking a few motorcycling holidays with friends out to the continent. Those initial group forays into Northern France and Germany whilst fun, were just your average extended biking trip, going to the same regular places doing the regular touristy thing, and this left me wanting ... something ... more. I took a couple of solo trips over the next couple of years - camping in Scandinavia in Summer and crossi

We are proud to announce our newest programme. Meet the boys and girls from the Manavi Employment P

We are grateful to have secured funding to work with 10 boys and girls from Odanadi Seva Trust to help them prepare for a new phase in their young lives, as they move into seeking employment and/or higher education. The programme will begin in September and more details from each workshop will follow, but it is such an incredible privilege for us to be able to work alongside Stanly and Parashu to further help these amazing young people with their rehabilitation. For more information about our work with Odanadi Seva Trust click on the link below:

Ollie Langston: Adventure Story "Expect the Unexpected"

OLLIE'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Take it all in - every second! I remember my first day of riding in India in 2009 very clearly. I didn’t own a bike at that time and I had only taken my Direct Access test a few months before. I was a novice of the highest order and the longest I’d ever ridden a bike was a few hours around the sedentary streets of West London and Surrey. Having landed in India, I was entrusted with a lovely 350cc Royal Enfield. We were told that these weren’t like the bikes (that some of us) had at home and that the controls were on the “wrong side". With that we all pulled on our body armour and off we went onto the roads of Goa. I suppose I recall my first day so clearly beca

Charlie Ring: Adventure Story

CHARLIE'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Travel with your family if you can. Get off the tourist trail and volunteer. I was very excited when I got the opportunity to volunteer with Adventure Ashram. I volunteered with my mum through the Adventure Ashram Family Volunteering Programme, and this allowed us to travel to India together which was amazing. This was my first time outside Europe and ‘off the beaten track’, and for the first couple of days I was just overwhelmed by everything I saw. Perhaps one of my favourite memories from the trip was how open and easy the kids were with me. I was practically used as a climbing frame in every village we visited and it was lovely to see how happy the kids wer

Sarah Goodwin: Adventure Story

SARAH'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Push your boundaries in life! Mine is not very exciting, but pushed my boundaries (at the time). My first trip was on the 2011 Karma Enduro. I had never embarked on anything remotely like this before, so was extremely anxious about travelling, let alone driving in India. I was co driving with my friend, Liz, and we shared each day's duties equally (the navigation seemed to be as important as the driving, but Liz was by far, the better driver). So far we had bumbled along, gaining confidence each day and arrived at Jungle Hut looking forward to our day off. As we got out of the car, and went to get our luggage out of the boot, Liz's back made an audible crack. She w

Margaret Ring: Adventure Story

MARGARET'S TOP TIP: Travel off the beaten track and volunteer with your children before they stop wanting to spend time with you! I have always wanted to volunteer overseas with my son Charlie, so the Adventure Ashram Family Volunteering Programme seemed perfect. We really did have an adventure together and it was amazing to see things through they eyes of a young person experiencing a developing country at grass roots level (rather than some swanky resort) for the first time. I will never forget the look of surprise and delight on his face when we first visited one of the tribal villages to meet some of the sponsored children and a little boy leapt in to his arms without any introduction, c

Udesh Naidoo: Adventure Story

UDESH'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: With each adventure we learn new things and cross paths with wonderful people. A memory of James Warne handing out balloons to children in a rural school near Jog Falls. There was a beautiful mural on the school wall and the children were so neatly dressed in their very clean and well ironed school uniforms. The little girls all had their hair neatly plaited and the boys well-oiled hair neatly combed and very presentable. The striking thing though was that they all had no shoes. It highlighted the poverty to me but illustrated that they had such pride in their appearance. They were very proud of their school and curious of us as strangers. Their protective teacher

Tony Smith: Adventure Story

TONY'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Never leave your bike with the keys in! It was my first adventure to India joining over 100 other bikers in 2009 on the Goa to Kerala trip. We were allocated groups and I was in a group of 4 people, I remain good friends with all of them and in particular Jim Mason. We were passing through a beautiful tea plantation and for the first time I saw the wonderful sight of the dappled effect of the tea plants and the ladies in colourful costumes picking the tea. I got off my bike, which had my name on it, leaving the key in the ignition but with the engine off. I took some photos of the tea workers and then returned to my bike. It was gone! I couldn’t believe it. Anyhow,

Craig Jarvis: Two Short Adventure Memories

CRAIG'S TOP TIP: Love being out of your comfort zone whatever it may bring! My first ever trip with Enduro India and being very green to the sharing a room scenario and feeling somewhat out of my comfort zone with the whole trip, on the first day checking into a quite reasonable hotel near palolem beach put my bags into the room complete with decent double bed and went down in search of a cold beer and the other guys arriving. Going back to my room later that evening discovered 4 other kit bags on the double bed giving 1 double between 5, never looked back from there and now love being out of that comfort zone whatever it may bring! On another occasion being frantically flagged down in a sma

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