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Indian Companies Give Back

In 2013 the Indian Government passed a new Companies Act. In this they made it compulsory for businesses of a certain size to undertake Corporate Social Responsibility activities and give back a percentage of their profits. Out of this emerged a number of initiatives to connect companies with charities.

Charities Aid Foundation, or CAF, is a global Alliance. CAF India offers a process that validates charities and connects them with companies and philanthropists. In July, Solomon Daniel and our Project Manager and Fundraiser, Fritha Vincent, compiled all the information for the application process. Solomon is the leader of Grace Charitable Trust, an organization that runs the education project Adventure Ashram supports.

The news has just arrived that Grace Charitable Trust has passed the validation process!

Everyone is delighted and the hope it will attract new donors to this important and life changing project. Find out more about CAF India here.

You can also click here to sign up for this education project and fund the education of a child.

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