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Ooi Shu Hui: Adventure Story

SHU'S TOP ADVENTURE TIP: Keep an open heart and make the most of your time in a foreign land to explore off the beaten track. Take a leap of faith and venture abroad - it will be unforgettable!

I remember how ill and homesick I was when I first arrived at Adventure Ashram for my internship. I had not adjusted to the chilly weather yet and was finding my bearings in a new environment. Yet, 3 months on and I had settled comfortably into my internship and life in London. I loved exploring new places and neighborhoods and gaining new cultural experiences. My study abroad experience was truly a memorable adventure and my time in Adventure Ashram was nothing short of inspiring.

The Adventure Ashram team made me feel so welcome and were very supportive. Thank you Fritha, Margaret and everyone else for making my internship experience so meaningful! I have learnt a lot and am so grateful for the opportunity to help plan the UK Rally 2017. While it was challenging initially to get sponsors for the raffle prizes, our perseverance eventually paid off. It was satisfying and exciting when all the planning started to come together for the big event.

I enjoyed hearing from the charity partners and the children in India as it made our work feel worthwhile. Adventure Ashram's passion for making a difference has inspired me. All in all, coming to London from my home in Singapore has been an adventure that I will remember for many years to come.

Ooi Shu Hui, Adventure Ashram Intern

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