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Stories From The Field. Meet Nivedha, one of the children from our Education Sponsorship Programme.

February 21, 2019

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Roy Clark: Adventure Story

October 16, 2017


I first visited India in 2009 which, for me, was more about riding a motorbike somewhere different than it was about meeting new people. The trip changed my outlook on life, I met people that had very little but were insistent on sharing what they did have with me. The children were happy and didn't need the trappings of modern life, such as phones and computers, that many people need to be happy with life. 


During my various trips to India since then I have met many, many people and there is one particular person that always sticks in my head. During my first trip, I met a group of about 30 children in a little town and spent some time with them. They all wanted to shake my hand and have their photo take