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Stories From The Field. The Manavi Employment Preparation Programme

The first Saturday in January saw Fritha Vincent, Adventure Ashram volunteer Vicky Drake and Asha from Odanadi run and coordinate the 3rd and final workshop of this highly successful programme. Each young person was given the opportunity to attend a one to one mock interview, to practise the skills they had learned in the previous workshop. They looked so smart and we are incredibly proud of how each young person has grasped and made the most of this opportunity. The interviews went very well and Vicky will remain at Odanadi for the next fortnight to assist the young people with their CV preparation with Asha's help.

As we begin our evaluation of this programme, our deep gratitude goes to the Charitable Trust who funded this programme. Not forgetting the volunteers who have worked with us to make it such a full and comprehensive programme and of course the boys and girls from Odanadi who have been an inspiration to us.

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