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Tips from our Adventure Experts!

We want to share with you some great adventure tips from our book 'Adventurer's Tales', written by our supporters. This inspiring book is in celebration of 10 years of Adventure Ashram and contains a collection of 60 tales and tips from the people who know how to adventure best! The tips are too wonderful to keep to ourselves, so over the next few weeks we'll be sharing a few with all of you! Our first two tips are from two of our trustees and we hope you enjoy their advice!

Our first tip from adventurer Iain Crockart "Say yes more often... My life changed in 2007 after I said 'yes' to a text received from Will Lucas saying he was going to the Himalayas to ride a motorbike and did I want to come... 'Feel the fear and do it anyway'"

Our second tip from adventurer Tony Smith "Never leave your bike with the keys in!"

If you'd like to read more tips or experience some of the amazing tales, you can purchase our book HERE

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