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Stories from the Field - Doc continued... health checks for rural children!

We are honored to work with Doctor Kolhatakar (or as we call him, Doc!) in India! Doc visits children in rural areas in India to provide health checks. Without these visits, the children would not be able to access health care. These checkups help to keep the children healthy and on track! They also give children suffering from more severe illnesses access to treatment. Countless children have benefitted from his work, and we are proud to support him!!!

Pictured below is Nithyasri, who had a middle ear infection and a perforated ear-drum, which took many months to heal. With Doc's care and attention, she was able to heal and gain weight, and head off to school with her peers!

Can you support Doc's amazing work? £3 provides health checks for four children! For more information and to donate, click here.

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