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Stories From The Field. Meet Nivedha, one of the children from our Education Sponsorship Programme.

February 21, 2019

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Our 2018 Christmas Appeal... Could This be The Most Important Gift You Give This Christmas?

November 26, 2018

The Holidays are Here, but Trafficking Doesn’t Stop at Christmas!


Ramesha was eight years old when he was trafficked. He was sent to wealthy people’s houses for work and was made to perform domestic duties in the day and sexually abused at night. “Every day used to be horrid for me” says Ramesha, now living at the Odanadi boys’ safe house in Mysore, India. Since staying at Odanadi, Ramesha has returned to school, participated in rehabilitation programmes and taken part in the Odanadi bakery training. Ramesha is feeling safe and dreams of one day starting his own bakery.

South Asia, with India at its centre, is one of the fastest growing regions for human trafficking in the world. An estimated 135,000 children are believed to be trafficked in India alone every year. Many victims are from poor rural areas and lured by traffickers with promises of good jobs, only to find themselve