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Stories From The Field. This isn't the easiest thing to read, but please do...

During 2017, with the generosity of our supporters, we raised £5000 to donate to Odanadi India to stage a rescue of women and children from situations of human trafficking.

After months of surveillance, a raid took place last year,

and 3 sisters aged 19, 17 and 15 were taken out of a brothel where they had been given drugs and forced to work as prostitutes by a notorious gang of traffickers. There is so much more to this harrowing story, but now with the help of Odanadi India and the funds we were able to send, the girls have been reunited with their mother and they have begun their rehabilitation. The gang members are in custody and awaiting trial. For many years Adventure Ashram has supported Odanadi India boys' house, but now with Yoga Stops Traffick it has been extended to support Odanadi's safe house for girls' as well. Read all about this global, powerful event HERE:

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