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Stories From The Field. Meet Nivedha, one of the children from our Education Sponsorship Programme.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nivedha. I study in 10th standard and I am sincerely preparing for my public exam which is going to be held in April 2019.

I live in Anaikatty village which is around 18 KM away from my school. My parents are daily wages workers and their income is irregular. Also my parents were illiterate they couldn’t help me in my home works.

My village is located in the middle of the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve tribal settlement. So very rarely we have access to other villages or to our schools.

Now we have an education center and a computer center in our village where we all children use them in the evening and do our home works and prepare for our exams by the help of tutor. This helps me lot to concentrate as much as possible in my studies. Moreover the transportation which was donated by Adventure Ashram through GCT helps all the children to reach school on time and back home early in the evening. Now we have enough time to play and learn our lessons. We feel safe and secured in the bus. So we shout and sing in the bus. All our kids in the village enjoy the ride. Also we are getting all the stationary items and all the support for our education from the child sponsorship program. These help all our children and reduce our parents’ burdens.

So I would like to thank each and every one who support us and care about our education. All your supports helps us lot to improve our studies and motivate us to achieve our targets in our lives. We are so grateful to you all for your greatest support towards our education. I want to thank Adventure Ashram team for being a greatest bridge between us.

Could you sponsor the education of a child from the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve? Click HERE for more information.

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