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Alex Pirie and Nomadic Knights, our brilliant supporter and adventure partner in India once again is supporting our small but mighty charity… he has a new ‘recce' ride in South India which is being planned for Jan 2022… It’s called 'Grand Canyon India'… it looks incredible and it sounds like he has some amazing ideas up his sleeve to help raise vital funds for Adventure Ashram. It’s not even on the website yet… read more about it below and get in touch with Alex if you want to book your seat on this no doubt soon to be sold out ride in South India. And tell him Adventure Ashram sent you.


Our recce rides have become legendary and there’s good reason for that. They’re brilliant! We choose a place we don’t know, and ride there.

It’s the first time for all of us. Including myself and the team. There are always surprises along the way and many, many laughs.

Right now, the Nomadic Knights team and myself, and mostly everyone else, needs something to look forward to, and laugh about.

We all need inspiration and I think this is it. I’ve decided to run a Recce in South India called ‘Grand Canyon India’. The clue’s in the name and yes, India does have its own Grand Canyon. And yes again, we’re riding there. Does the sound of a private beach resort on a private island appeal to you too, somewhere that can only be reached by boat? How’s about long sunny days, cool evenings and the some of the most sublime motorcycling roads anywhere in India? How about riding our superb Limited Edition 500cc Bullet Trials Works Replicas? Here’s what else we’re doing.

We’re raising money for the Adventure Ashram Charity… Nomadic Knights will be contributing in a very special way. Right now, it’s a secret and I can tell you very little.

What I can tell you is that what we’re offering is very special. It’s a one off and it’s not available anywhere else. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the lucky person.

And the icing on the cake?

We’ll be offering a discounted price to every rider!

It’s first come first served and the numbers are limited.

The dates are the 15 – 29 January 2022.

It’s not on the website yet, but like all our previous recce rides it will be a sell-out for sure.

If you’re coming, don’t delay. Get in touch now. Email me at

Cheers. Alex."


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