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How your support changes lives: Ganga's story

My name is Ganga. I study in the 12th grade at secondary school in Masinagudi. I live in a rural village called Kanyakumary which is 20 KM away from my school. I have one younger brother and my father and mother are laborers.
Adventure Ashram has supported our village since I was in the 1st grade. I take the Grace Charitable Trust bus to go to the school in Masinagudi every day.
The after-school tuition center is so helpful not only for me but for all the other children in my village too. Now that we have the tuition centre and school bus, the children in my village have dreams and goals in life.
My special heartfelt gratitude to all the donors of Adventure Ashram. Your support for my education means more than anything.
Thank you so much. Ganga

We are very proud to support the education of the young people in Masinagudi, South India. We work alongside our charity partner, Grace Charitable Trust, to fund the school bus and tuition centre in Ganga’s village, without which the local children would not be able to receive an education or have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

To find out more about how Adventure Ashram is supporting the education of children in South India or to make a donation, please click here.

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